Kidnap and Ransom

Protecting what matters most, when you and your people need it most

AHI’s Kidnap and Ransom policy is designed to provide the cover needed to ensure you can access the experts you need to minimise loss of life, as well as financial, reputational and operational risks during a crisis.

Today’s global economy means we’re entering new territories that come with cultural, regulatory and logistical challenges. This means increased risk for businesses and their employees travelling and living in these locations.

Your organisation has a duty of care to mitigate these risks and provide suitable crisis response, no matter where your people are. AHI’s Kidnap and Ransom policy enables you to access expertise that can handle a kidnap, hostage-taking or other crisis; minimising loss of life and the collateral damage to your company’s morale, reputation, operations and finances.

Are you covered?

These days, many Corporate Travel policies offer a Kidnap & Ransom (K&R) limit as part of their standard cover. It isn’t unusual to see limits of $250,000 or $500,000 automatically included, leading many companies to believe they are adequately covered for a kidnap event. Whilst it might seem comforting on paper, in reality a company travelling to or operating overseas could find themselves grossly under-insured, having to pay for additional expenses they hadn’t envisaged.

AHI’s Kidnap and Ransom policy covers declared individuals, at all times as well as their family members. They do not have to be away from their home country at the time of an incident.


Policy Features

  • The actual or alleged taking captive of a person by kidnappers who then demand a ransom as a condition of release.

    • Ransom – you will be reimbursed for the ransom paid to secure the release of a kidnapped person
    • Ransom in Transit – if a ransom is lost or stolen whilst in transit you will be reimbursed for that ransom, and provided a new ransom to replace it.
  • The making of illegal threats towards a company or a person specifically to:

    • Kill, injure or abduct an insured person
    • Cause physical damage to a property or person
    • Introduce a computer virus
    • Disclose, use or disseminate personal, private or confidential information or trade secrets by a person who then demands a ransom as a condition of not carrying out such threats.
  • Involuntary confinement of a person by persons acting as agents or with the tacit approval of any government or governmental entity, insurgent party, organisation or group. 

  • The illegal holding of a person whilst travelling on an aircraft or motor vehicle.

  • Any reasonable and necessary expense incurred and paid by you solely and directly as a result of an insured event. This can include but is not limited to: loan fees, rewards for information, travel costs, salaries, medical expenses and rehabilitation expenses for the victim and their family.

    • Consultant Costs – the fees and expenses of our nominated security consultant
    • Legal Costs – in relation to an insured event
    • Personal Accident – such as personal injury during an event
    • Business Interruption – loss of earnings caused solely by an insured event.
    • Threat Response Cost – fees and expenses of a consultant which are incurred and paid as a result of a threat made specifically against you without the demand of a ransom.

    *Refer to policy wordings for all terms, conditions and waiting periods

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