COVID-19 Claims Process and Checklist

COVID-19: Claims Process and Checklist for Loss of Deposits or Forfeited Expenses

AHI’s goal is to ensure that we provide a thorough and efficient claims assessment process for all of our clients. Therefore, please carefully read all of the information below. Your assistance in complying with all of the  requirements below will ensure a rapid assessment of your claim.

Prior to submitting your claim:

  • Approach all of the providers (Travel Agents, Airlines, Hotel, Tour Operators etc) to fully discuss cancellation fees, refunds, postponements etc including refundable and non-refundable components. In particular, for airlines refer to their cancellations, refunds and “holding fares in credit” policy.
  • For proposed trips that require progressive deposit or instalment payments, speak to your various providers with respect to whether these can be put on hold until a later date.
  • Please note that airline providers are responsible for refunding taxes, GST, duties and airport charges and these are required to be claimed from the airline.

When submitting a claim to AHI please ensure the following are provided:

  • A completed claim form with reference to any attachments to the claim form (Refer to Attachment 1, or refer to Attachment A), e.g.: “spreadsheets” etc if there is insufficient space on the claim form
  • The trip itinerary - including dates and specific destinations
  • The number of persons travelling. Please note: If claiming under an AHI Corporate policy then we will also require clarification of that person’s status/entitlement to claim against the policy.
  • Itemise the costs for the trip into clear and distinct categories and also itemise any refunds or credits received against each category. For example:
  • Airfares
  • Accommodation
  • Tours
  • Other
  • The cancellation terms and conditions for each booking. In particular, any reference to queries that have been undertaken with each service provider.
  • Any other supporting documentation that clarifies how or why the expenses were incurred (e.g. email correspondence between various parties).


Many large operators are offering “credits” in lieu of refunds, and many of our business travellers will be able to use such credits over the course of the next 12 months.

However, where a “credit” is offered by any provider and you are unable to use that credit, then AHI will require written confirmation from the respective provider that you have waived any entitlement to that credit prior to AHI settling the claim.

Please note all travel claims are different and each claim is assessed on its own merits. Therefore, at times, AHI may be required to ask further questions, or seek further information in addition to that specified above.

Submitting the Claim Form

Claims can be submitted by the following two methods:

Email (Preferred):​ 

Claims submitted to the above address will receive an autogenerated acknowledgement.


Claims Department
AHI Insurance
GPO Box 4213
Sydney NSW 2001


  • Some Corporate Clients request that claim forms are submitted via the relevant Employer or Insurance Broker. Please check with your Employer, Broker, or Association etc if this is the requirement.
  • If your claim required you to contact “AHI Assist” during an overseas trip, then AHI may already hold some information into the nature and circumstances of your claim. It is important that you follow any instructions that you may have received from AHI Assist.

Further enquiries can be made by contacting AHI on 1800 618 700

Policy Features

  • 24-hour emergency assistance. If your health or safety is at risk, you have an accident, fall ill or get caught
    up in a conflict overseas, simply call our 24-hour emergency number and speak to a real person at any time.

  • Cover for war and terror acts. As one of the few insurers offering cover in the event of terrorism or war, AHI will provide the best possible assistance to keep you safe. We can even cover you for travel to known conflict zones, such as Syria and Afghanistan.

  • Life insurance. A $50,000 sum insured for the first four weeks of travel, with the lump sum being paid out in the event of death by sickness.    

  • Ongoing medical cover. Your costs for ongoing medical expenses are covered for up to 24 months, even if you return to Australia. 

    *Refer to policy wordings for all terms, conditions and waiting periods

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